Marching toward future

Marching toward future

By : Obaid Ullah Hamzah

Our dynamic  young graduates will build the nation and civilization. If they rise up, nation rises. If they fail, nation fails. All the success stories in the past and present were made possible and realities through hard work done by these people.. They are very blessed group of the Ummah. They lead, guide and  defend the nation and its  religion , vital issues and interests. The most powerful weapon our youth  have to equipped with is the Book of Allah; i.e. to study, act upon, preach and strive to implement it. Our righteous predecessors made history, earned victory, ruled the nations, spread justice and brought much needed peace  through  the Quran, the final revelation of the Creator.

Every year, this time at the end of academic year, there comes an occasion when we feel strangely both sad and happy. Happiness emanates from sense of accomplishment as through a decade of rigorous efforts these young people are ready to add strength to the service of Islam and Muslims across the country. But  this moment brings us sadness too. There has been strong love, affection, reverence and respect between us and our beloved students. To see them off after years of sacred attachment is undeniably difficult .

Our graduates are our sons. We stand proud today that they will march towards  the future full of challenges with confidence and determination. They know how to figure out the priorities and sort out the problems lie ahead and contribute to blessed efforts of Dawah and educational programs and to the development  of the country.

We hope, our beloved students will keep their strong ties with the center of education where they are raised up, educated and cared for as long as they live. In the age of information and communication technology, it became much easier than ever before to be in touch with any one  any time from any part of the world. Allah bless them in their lives, deeds and. Allah grant them ability to serve Islam and the Ummah.

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