“Islam Vs Statue:Sculpture-In the view of Islam”

“Islam Vs Statue:Sculpture-In the view of Islam”

Md. Hemayet Ullah Rashid

In the name of Allah, the omnipotent, the sustainer of the universe. We, the human being, are often tend to forget the law of Allah. We think our tiny/trivial power as a mighty one. Even we dare to protest against a universal truth defying the universal law. We are too ignorant to distinguish between right and wrong. The recent issue of statue and sculpture to be set beside Dholai Khal in the name of paying tribute to the father of the nation Bangabandhu, has attacked on the religious ego of millions of Muslim. Having faith on the oneness of Allah to be worshipped, is a religious obligation for a common Muslim. A Muslim never mind protesting against it irrespective of political identity in the face of challenges ranging from torture to prison or even beheaded. In spite of having lots of reason to the leftist to pay honor to the sculpture, the constitution of Muslim named Holy Quran and Hadith stand against them. Now what this constitution witnesses is a matter of concern. In this respect, Almighty Allah said in Holy Quran,

  1. So, avoid the uncleanliness of idol/statue. (Sura Hajj, verse no-30)

Here in this verse, idol/statue are termed as uncleaned thing and all kinds of statue and sculpture are included here.

  1. The fire whose fuel is men and stones are prepared for disbelievers (Sura Bakarah, verse no -24)

Here, the fuel of fire (Jahannam) is men and stone. In the light of tafseer men means disbelievers (Kafir) and stone means statue and sculpture. It indicates that sculpture and statue are firewood of hell and they never be good omen for human being let alone homage.

  1. Indeed, you (disbelievers) and what you worship other than Allah are the firewood of Hell. You will be coming to (enter) it. (Sura Ambia-verse 97)

In the light of hadith,

1) Narrated from Muslim (ra) he said, once he were in the house of Yasar with Masroque. Masroque saw some statue or sculpture in the yard of Yasar and said that he heard from Abdullah bin Maswod, Prophet (sm) said that the severest punishment will be in the day of judgement for sculptor (maker of statue) and they will be said to give life to what they made. If this is the condition of sculptorwhat do you guess about sculpture.

2) Narrated from Abu Jur-ah he said that once I entered in a house of Madina with Abu Horairah (Ra). He saw a sculptor making statue. He said that I heard from Prophet (sm) he said, Allah said (hadith Qudsi) that the most tyrant is he who wants to create like the creature of me (Allah). Let them create a seed or an atom (Jarrah) (sahih muslim h.no-2112, Ahmad-9088). Surely, they won’t be able to create it.

3) Narrated from Ibne Abbas (Ra) he said when Prophet (sm) saw some pictures /sculpture in holy Kaba he didn’t enter there until it was destroyed. (Sahih Bukhari. H no-3352).

4) Narrated from Abdullah bin Maswod (Ra), he said, when Prophet (sm) entered the holy Kaba in the day of victory, there were three hundred sixty statues. Prophet (sm) hit them with his own hand reciting the verse:

And say, “Truth has come, and falsehood has departed. Indeed falsehood is by nature ever bound to depart” from sura Bani Israil, verse no-81. (Sahih Bukhari H.No-2478)

  There is no a single word or verse or hadith in Islam that indicates to the permission of setting up statue or sculpture or idol to pay homage to a definite towering personality. Rather all the verses of holy Quran and Hadith indicate directly to unholiness of idol or statue.

How a pure Muslim allows this worst activity let alone Islamic scholars to set up sculpture to pay homage violating the ever truth rule of Islam. Isn’t it an exaggeration to seek for lame excuse in favor of statue in holy Quran? It is more than ridicules.

Now the matter is that what Islamic law (fatwa) says.

All kinds of Ulama, irrespective of doctrine and opinion are united to say no the sculpture whether it is built to pay homage or worship. This fatawa differentiates between theist and atheist.

Most of the leftist try to find way in verbatim meaning saying that sculpture and statue are not same.

This kind of false argument indicates to their shallowness and hollowness of their linguistic knowledge, that they borrowed from their forefathers.

Now let us know what statue and sculpture or idol means. In Bangla Academy dictionary sculpture and statue are same.

Therefore, it is humble request to all who claim Muslim giving up this filthy demand and set in the table of brotherhood irrespective of scholars and non-scholars; political and non-political identity leaving behind the religious doctrine. Hoping that Allah will help us in both worlds.

Writer : Lecturer (English Language and literature)

Bandarban Collectorate College, Bandarban.

Ex-student of Jamia Islamia Patiya, Chattogram.

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