Rape : a  social menace

Rape : a  social menace

By : Obaid Ullah Hamzah

According  to the  report prepared by “Mahila Parishad” a women’s rights organization   based on news published in national dailies from January to July 2019, 731  women were raped  and  of them 276 were murdered in gruesome way. No doubt, incidents of rape, sexual violence and  harassment are increasing all over the world . Developed countries  like USA, France, Canada, Sweden and even  developing countries like India and  Sri Lanka are witnessing  sharp rise in rape and sexual harassment. But  it is a shame for Muslim countries and societies like ours  whose people  believe in a whole bunch of moral values and led by a Muslim women to suffer from this cursed phenomena .  What is supposed about us in Muslim societies  is that rape should be a rare and odd behavior  as it was the case in past Muslim societies wherein  strong moral values were maintained, stern  punishments implemented, doors of obscenity closed and  ways to immorality shut down.

Very sad to say that every crime of this nature is more heinous than the other in atrocity and barbarism. Perpetrators got rid of Victims by burning, throwing into river, burying. Now, It poses a  severe threat to the safety of  individual   and security of  the society and firmness of  the  family .

Solutions presented by experts, academicians  and social scientists to this problem   are diverse   and  very different and sometimes, opposing in nature because of  each individual or groups’  own thinking and views. From an Islamic  point of view , we  would like to say that sexual explosion, moral collapse , porno  culture , weak  man-made laws  and free  mixing  of both sexes  in places of work and education are responsible to incite, provoke  sexuality  along with the very destructive role   a section of media, obscene films, lewd  drama and porno sites play in making  illicit relationship with the opposite sex  attractive  to people. Is it  rational to  allow all of this happen in the name of culture, entertainment and arts and then shed tears for their consequences ?

Islamic rules protect women’s dignity, forbid her  from wearing  exposing dresses, command her to lower her gaze  as  man is commanded to do so. Man is  also reminded that women is either sister or daughter or mother of any of his  brother as he has  his own  mother, sister or daughter.  Islam  enacts  laws and ensures exemplary punishments for those who dare to violate  her honor  and accuse  her of adultery with no knowledge . In Muslim Societies, adultery  is a rare case while rape is unthinkable. Our long  history  is a best witness to it.

We do not  agree with the  view that ignorance, poverty ,  undervaluing women  etc  are  responsible for  rape for this a almost an universal problem  and that is a social menace even in highly developed  countries  and of course, educated class is not an exception . In the United States of America, in every 90 seconds , one woman   becomes victim of rape despite all ways  are open  and lawful to  fulfill one’s  sexual desire  with mutual consent.

 What is the  use of    new laws  if existing laws are not implemented ?  Where will a woman  get a safe shelter if she is raped in the police station by police men ?  Steps must be taken sooner than later to  eliminate   or  reduce the causes of rape and that must be done  in well- coordination with all elements that have impact on the society and individual. Ways to promiscuity are to be  closed  and doors to   chastity are to be opened wide. So that   a new generation with  high sense  of morality  will rise  who   will have a deep  respect  to the opposite sex.

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