Right of Muslim Women to Education

Right of Muslim Women to Education

 Obaid Ullah Hamzah

Knowledge is the most important and noble thing in Islam.  With knowledge one can worship  Allah  and through it   life on earth goes forward.   The word “ knowledge “ was  mentioned in the Quran  779 times . The first word Allah has  chosen    to begin with for His final revelation is  “ Iqra “  which means Read.  Allah says : Recite in the Name of your Lord who created. Created man from a clinging substance.  Recite and your Lord is the most Generous. Who taught  by the pen. Taught man that which  he knew not. ( 96 : 1-5 )

There are many authentic sayings of  the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)   which command us to seek knowledge.  In one narration he said “ Seeking knowledge  is  mandatory for every Muslim “ . As for sayings that talk about the virtue and importance of seeking knowledge  are numerous.

He said concerning education for Muslim women “  Three kind of people will get a double reward ;   A person who believes in his Prophet and believes in Muhammad (pbuh) as the  Prophet  will get a double   reward; He who has a slave –girl and teaches her good manners and improves her education  and manumits and marries  her  will  get a double reward ; and any salve who observes God’s  right and  his master’s right will get a double reward  .

The Prophet (pbuh) was very keen on educating  women and allotted a day  for women  to admonish them and teach them  their religion.  History fairly recorded  that the Institute of the Prophet  brought about a  lot of  learned Muslim women in Fiqh ( Islamic Jurisprudence )  and hadith etc.  Ayesha , May Allah be pleased  with her, says “  How  best Ansari women are !  Shyness and modesty did not prevent them to  gain deep knowledge in matters of religion.

Inspired by this  guidance of Islam   many    Muslim women scholars made outstanding  accomplishment  in different  fields of knowledge throughout ages .

Woman , like man, created to worship   her Lord and that cannot be done  without  proper Islamic knowledge.  She needs knowledge because of the great  jobs  she carries

out  as a responsible and caring mother . They are half the society which give birth to  the  other half.

 Denial to education  and depriving them from it is an offense  which must be vanished from the society .  Education for them is not less important than for men  who depend on  their  mothers   for  knowledge  in the first phase of life. The poet says : Mother is a school; if you   prepare it well, you prepare a great nation. A cursory   look into  the present  situation of  the Ummah    will  tell us how badly we need  to provide them education and morality.  Our future generation ‘s   proper upbringing  depends on  their goodness and righteousness. The opposite is true as well.

It is a false accusation against Islam  that It does mot encourages women to seek knowledge  or it prefers  for them to remain ignorant . No religion on the earth  pushes human being ( male and female )  to knowledge as  Islam does. Sad to say  but  true it is that  ignorance is more  wide spread  among Muslim  women  in some Muslim societies  while  their very religion tell them to seek knowledge   to become  Ideal mother  abiding by the shariah   .


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