By: Obaid Ullah Hamzah

Our brothers and sisters in the state of  Rakhaine    have  been,  after 2012  again  targeted   in last  several weeks   for atrocities which led to  the killings of thousands of people  and displacing hundreds of thousands of  people . According statements  the  Rohingya people   gave to the world media , they have  fled to Bangladesh   for safety   as  children were hurled into fire,  heads of boys were cut off, girls were raped , families were burned, many unarmed male villagers were rounded up  and summarily executed . All this happen while the world community maintained almost a shameful silence on the subject.   In Islam, It is   obligatory to assist the victim, the wronged and vulnerable people even though he or she is a non Muslim.  Allah says: And any one of the polytheists seeks your protection, then grant him protection so h may hear the words of Allah. (9:6)

Muslim Ummah so far did not prove  its preparedness to face this human catastrophe , obviously  because of Muslim nations are busy enough with internal disorders, troubles and even wars  in addition to external problems .On the world level of Ummah,  to   much regret ,  no coordination is seen  until today about the issue in question.

To give shelter to refugees   and provide safe haven for vulnerable people is a noble conduct. We highly appreciate and commend the stance taken by honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina towards these Rohingya. She gave order to all   concerned authorities to provide urgent and required assistance to them. She, accompanied by her sister, took time to visit them, listen to stories of horror, loss, rape, atrocities and sufferings as they recounted. The World media and international community greatly praised her on this humanitarian stance.

We believe that rights of refugees in Islam are guaranteed and landmarks are clear. Allah says: And (also for) those who were settled in the home and adopted the faith before them. They love those emigrated to them and find no want in their breasts of what they were given but give them preference over themselves. And whoever is protected from the stinginess of his soul – it is these who will be the successful (59:9)

So they will be received with smiling faces, generous minds and kind hearts. If their life at danger, it is not allowed to push them back or forcefully repatriate them. Poverty, scarcity of resources and other similar things are never valid reasons for not accepting the refugees. What this nation as a whole provided to them and the way they responded so quickly and generously, is really a remarkable achievement for this poverty- stricken nation.

We ask world community and international organizations to   help the most persecuted minority go back home. UN must do more which became a mere platform to talk, not actions, and lost its credibility in the sight of   a vast section of the world population.  The world community can also consider to try the culprit in the armed forces of Myanmar in the International tribunal for crimes against humanity.

Bangladesh, with its limited resources and  own problems, can not bear  alone this huge burden .It must intensify diplomatic efforts with brotherly and friendly countries to convince the world that unless it is peacefully solved, refugees are taken back, influx is stopped, it poses many serious security dangers threatening the future of the entire region.

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