Editorial-Recognition of “Qawmi” Degree


Recognition of “Qawmi” Degree

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina made an announcement that her government  ,from now on, will recognize  “ Dawra Degree of   Qawmi Madrasa  as equivalent to Master’s degree in Islamic studies and Arabic  . The decision was made public at  a dinner program held    for more 350 Islamic scholars and  principals of different madrasa.  She said “  I am announcing that keeping the unique character  of Qawmi madrasa aand based on the basic principles of Darul Uloom  Deoband , the certificates of Dawra-e – Hadith of Qawmi madrasa has been given the status of  Master’s in Islamic studies and Arabic. She also pointed out that there many criticisms and harsh comments  by many people of  other countries  about Qawmi madrasa but , she said , I  always protested this and I always felt that the government needs to give recognition to Qawmi education.”

 This announcement was received by overwhelming appreciation by all people  in general and academe circle in particular as this was a long cherished goal of many Islamic scholars , past and present, who tried  to explore  new horizon of work opportunities, broader space  in the society for thousand of  the graduates of Qawmi madrasa  so that they can better the nation , its religious values and harness all their capabilities in the service of the country they live. No recognition by government was a big obstacle that was finally removed .

Different mass media covered  the subject with  great  deal of importance.  No wonder, event it created some political debate in the  political arena . As usual, anti- Islam forces ,mainly communist and lefts were  angered. They had long opposed everything that is religious, moral values and help people live in tune to Islamic beliefs and creeds.

We know,  it is simply a circular.   It has to  be  formulated a law . But,  it is definitely a right and commendable step towards the right direction .No doubt, Awami League under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina made a historic and courageous  decision . New opportunities,  new possibilities and bright potentials are waiting for thousands of graduates  of  Qawmi madrasa  each year . They will be able to pursue their higher studies at  universities and centers of higher studies at home and abroad.

We apprecitiate the statement  of Prime Minster  that says “ education began in the  sub continent of  India  with Qawmi system. No education process is perfect if it is empty of religious education.” She recalled great sacrifices rendered by  men of courage and piety in these institutes of education in liberation movement against British rule and occupation. She  assured the meeting that her government will intervene in curriculum and management  of   madrasa.

One thing must be mentioned  that  recognition of Qawmi degree  is not  something to be afraid of . Both India and Pakistan did  it many years before.  They never faced any security or otherwise problems as some vested quarters   here try to prove  through media gossip. We were present here and all over the world and will continue to be present  whether or not  government recognizes  us . Qawmi Madrasa has its own noble goals. It is satisfied with no less than  protecting Islam, spreading its true and peaceful messages and help  Muslims  know their religion etc.  If they feel any danger in playing their historic roles in the framework of recognition, I think,  they will not  hesitate a moment to forsake  the recognition matter all together . After all, Islam  or any subject of it  for that matter, is above any bargaining.

We welcome the circular and gratefully thank Prime Minister for her historic decision. We hope, necessary procedures will be taken soon to formulate a law in this regard.

—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-By: Obaid Ullah Hamzah

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